Dank Design



Dank is a company that differentiates itself from its rivals by revising the second hand design furniture, adding its style to them, providing interior decoration services and reflecting its style to its works.

Dank that has broken into the market after Yağmur-Cahit Musal’s idea of evaluating the second hand furniture laid its foundations in a small auto mechanic workplace. They continued to sell several furniture and accessories, faulty, faultless furniture and second hand furniture in the car park of Mohini AVM in Etiler between 2002 and 2010.

Dank which has been providing service in the hangar of the car park of Carrefour İstinye since 2010, provides service to its customers in a large area of 850m² that is beyond the traditional shop concept. As Mingus we have designed the new Web site of Dank and from now on you can follow the products that have arrived new on the website.

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